Turn-Key Cloud Infrastructure for your Compliance Needs

A cloud platform compliant with CDR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC 2, or ISO 27001 standards, providing security for your application, data, and customers. Get a compliant and automated environment from the very start and accelerate your time-to-market.

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Deploy secure and compliant apps in days, not months. Reach a compliant end to end solution fast with all the infrastructure and your DevSecOps pipeline taken care of.


Simplify your work to focus entirely on your application and business development, resulting in happy and productive development teams.


Retain full control and oversight so you can implement necessary enhancements for your application while keeping costs within budget.


Less complexity and more time to focus on your business needs

Citadel helps you bring your product to market faster by providing an audit-ready platform, fully compliant and fine-tuned for CDR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC 2, or ISO 27001 standards, so your team doesn’t need to spend time building cloud infrastructure.

The image shows the process of Citadel infrastructure that uses AWS as Cloud Provider. On that Citadel deliver a compliance in-a-box solution that will provide Continuous Security a Continuous Compliance, securing customers application on top of that.
Batteries Included

Environments are built with all components required to serve backend and frontend apps with a high level of security.

You're in Charge

We build and maintain compliant environments in your AWS accounts. All components are built with infrastructure-as-code giving you complete control and flexibility over your cloud.

Designed for Regulated Industries

Citadel brings security and compliance to smaller businesses in a more cost-effective way by applying cloud-native concepts, disrupting the old guard of institutions in sectors like finance and health.

Our Clients

Companies that are accelerating cloud compliance with Citadel by DNX Solutions

Faster and Easier

How does it work?

DNX will build your Citadel, setup the DevOps pipeline, and kick-start the audit process from the outset. With automation, the infrastructure is always up-to-date, and your Citadel will be continuously updated to match new regulations or requirements, giving you more time to focus on development. Make way for easier re-accreditation or re-certification with automation of necessary processes and reports.

Citadel Timeframe
The image shows a typical Citadel timeframe starting from the deployment of a compliant platform called Citadel. From that, we will conduct the migration of the application to this foundation and apply continuous security on that. Those steps is called the onboarding process and it takes between 4 and 6 weeks. Next phase we will support the auditing process until the customer meets compliance. The last phase is implement continuous compliance and continuous security through Citadel as a service. Customer can choose the best option as subscribe model.
Based on a comprehensive understanding of your strategy
Business Centricity

We learn your objectives and together design an architecture based on our core platform, with room for all your needs.

Infrastructure as Code

DNX builds the platform into your AWS accounts with automated Infrastructure as Code.


DNX migrates your apps with continuous integration, deployment, and security pipelines.

An expert assessment of your organisation’s compliance
Support along the way

DNX’s expertise supports you along the way, making the necessary adjustments to achieve the desired level of compliance, accreditation, or certification.

Working with auditors

Citadel is designed to ensure that all auditing requirements are fulfilled to precise standards, whether working with our referred auditors or using your own.

Automated auditing

We support your continuous and recurring auditing requirements with automated processes, automated reports, and compliance expertise.

Citadel as a Service
Ongoing reinforcement for your needs and objectives
Business Centricity

Post-accreditation, DNX supports the environment by providing incident management and compliance, performance, and security reports. Ongoing management includes routine checks and alerts, proactive fixes, and generation of reports needed for recertification and reaccreditation.

Continuous Improvements

The environment will also be kept up-to-date with continuous improvements such as updates and new AWS features added to the platform.

Peace of Mind

Ensure peace-of-mind with an environment which is continuously aligned with updated compliance rules.


What Citadel brings to your business

Reduce time to accreditation, certifications, or desired level of compliance with auditing and cyber security expertise.
Automate to Reduce Risks
Automate the infrastructure, the processes, and the compliance reporting.
Control Your Costs
Leverage the automation to reduce and control your costs.
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Improve Developer Experience
Customer onboarding made easy
Setup and Receive reports and alerts
Manage AWS environment and payments
Automated delivery (CI/CD)
Integrate with AWS and open source tools

A fast, simple, and clear way to unpack your cloud application revolution


Our best solutions in one box

DNX and its partners combined what we do best into one bundle so that your business can save time and go further with simplicity.

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Compliant and Well-Architected cloud and data infrastructure.
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Connect CDR endpoints via APIs to access and leverage data.
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Customise and automate infra misconfiguration reports.
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Modern and cloud-native cybersecurity audit partner.
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Security & risk leadership integrated into your team.
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